suffering without smiling

suffering without smiling

Sheila From Asaba wrote in;

” Dear Mary Jane,

I saw your contact online and decided to email you.
I’m 29 years old, I’m 5feet 7 inches tall and I weigh 86kg.
I’ve tried all kinds of herbal concoctions, pills, gym exercise, diets, corsets etc.

Sometimes all these results in aches, pains, purging (frequent stools) dehydration and more but worst of all if I lose weight at all its only a little and temporary. I ALWAYS END UP GAINING MORE WEIGHT than I started with.

I’m not comfortable with my weight, I feel and look older than my age. My physical activities are also restricted because of this. All this gets me down and when I’m down I EAT even more !

Fatty foods, sugary drinks, shawarma, ice cream, starch, amala and even stout at times.

I really need your help, what can I take that will drop my excess weight without too much or very little exercise at all. Something safe without nasty short or long term effects.

Thanks as you respond.


Mary Jane’s reply :

Hi Sheila,

Have you heard about GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT ?

What is green coffee ?

Green coffee is similar to regular coffee you drink. The key difference is green coffee bean is GREEN it is NOT ROASTED to obtain that brown color seen in drinking coffee.

Why is that important ?

When a normally green coffee bean is roasted, a subtance inside it chlorogenic acid is destroyed. Our body can benefit from chlorogenic acid in many ways.

According to Dr Oz :

There is agreement under leading physicians, scientists and nutritionists that there is a lot of evidence to support that chlyrogenic acid in the Green Bean Coffee have major benefits and is proven to help consumers to lose on average a pound per week.

Besides weight loss benefits there are numerous other benefits.

– Contains only pure ingredients

– Increases energy and regulates hunger

– Speeds up fat burning

– Suppress the production of free radicals

– Has antioxidant properties

– Lowers cholestrol and blood pressure”

Watch the Video here :

Another great fact about green coffee extract is YOU DONT NEED TO EXERCISE while taking it.

Yes, if your busy schedule do not allow you time or you’re just too LAZY, green coffee will shed that weight.
Just remember to take one pill 30mins before a meal twice a day

To Get the New Green Coffee pills

Call Mary Jane -09093574782 or 08087596124 Or

Call Pharmacity – 08188375728

green coffee extract

green coffee extract

you can drop that excess weight

you can drop that excess weight



  1. Hi. Mj. Pls do you guys do home delivery for this product and pls wats d price of the skin lightening pills(ivory…..). ND by d way can this green coffee extract help me in moderating or even reducing my ass. Cos am not dat chubby. Thanks. Pls reply me via my mail.

  2. Am a breastfeeding mother with a baby of 7months old,need to know if I can take the green Coffe..pls I need your reply..thanks.

  3. Please how can I get the green coffee, I have been searching for it for over a month now Please contact me on 08164292755, I will be very grateful

  4. Hi pls I base at abuja nd I really really do need dis green coffee, I jst turned 17 a month ago nd I weigh 85kg
    pls d situation/comments frm people re becoming unbearable pls
    hw I can get it, amount so I can save up nd buy
    pls I really really really NEED it pls

  5. Hi Mary Jane, pls am a nursing mother and my baby is just six months can I take d green coffee? How much is it? My weight is 96kg and I want to reduce to 65kg how many bottles will I need to buy?

  6. I have been calling your contact number nobody picked my calls I need both the seed and the capsules can you pls call me

  7. Oo thank God, I will finally lose weight. Pls how can I get this green coffee? I stay in ota. And pls how much is it? Thanks.

  8. Mary Jane my inspire . I bought 4 bottles of Green Coffee Bean extract capsule from you 2 months ago. It was a beautiful g struggle to lose Weight at the first month after my complain you told me to do the home recipes along with the Green Coffee bean capsule since my homone is resisting the immediate effect of the capsule. Yes I did like you said. Today I’m so broad of my body. I’ve lose 25kg so far.
    Thank you for your encouragement
    So greatful

    Lillian from Abuja

  9. I live in Delta state somewhere between warri and sapele. Please, where and how can I get this green coffee extract stuff and at what price?

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