Ivory Caps Bio active Formula

Ivory Caps Bio active Formula

Ivory Caps makes a debut in Nigeria via Ladyshop.
The new bioactive formula of high strength glutathione ensures you of both safety and efficacy in your quest for fairer, smoother and lighter complexion.

1500mg of pure Glutathione.
Glutathione is an anti-oxidant produced in your body in small amounts. When you supplement your body’s level with Ivory Caps, a wonderful thing happens to your skin complexion.

To order Ivory caps, call now

Mary Jane 09093574782 or 08087596124



  1. Dear Mary Jane,

    I’ve heard so much abt this product Ivory Caps and I will love to buy from u then resell. I’ve a large fans rate even most celebrities as friend. pls let’s do business together I’ve sent u an email. I will love to ve a favorable discount. Pls I need ur reply as fast as possible. Thank you.

  2. Hello Mary Jane,

    My friend speak so well about this product. I will like to know if Ivory Caps has any side effect if not I will like to ve a bottle.


  3. Hello Mary J,

    I need Ivory caps capsules. How can I get it? I bought one online instead of it lighting my skin it gave me rashes and make my skin dry. When I complain to a friend she told me she has been buying from you. Pls I need 2 bottles asp. I need to get my skin perfect in this festive period. Send me Acct details for payment. I will call you now.


  4. Hello Mary J,

    I bought Ivory Caps capsules and Ivory & Velvet cream from u last month and I finish a bottle as prescribe. To be sincere my skin was very healthy and smooth but it didn’t brighten my complexion dat much as I expected. when u advice I buy another bottle I was not happy but as for this month I’ve gotten a desirable result after using 2 bottles. My complexion is much brighter now.

    I will like to buy more most especially d cream, my friends really need it too.


  5. Hi Mary,

    My skin is reacting to something I took unknowing. Pls I will like to buy Ivory Caps. A friend gave me ur num. I heard there r fake ones in d market. I’m so scared to buy outside so as not to cause more harm to my skin.

    Pls I need 2 bottles as quick as possible. How can I make payment cos I live in Ph. Franklin

  6. I mean Ivory Caps. I’ll like to buy 2 bottles as soon as possible from you Mary Jane. How do I get it? Send a/c details? I live and work in Abuja.

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