Ivory & Velvet Anti-Acne cream 


You can have fast improvement to your acne condition in just 48 hrs

Acne treatment skin nigereIvory and velvet acne killer
You don’t need to worry yourself about your facial acne anymore. Lady Shop has a permanent solution to your acne problem . Ivory & Velvet anti ageing and acne cream is made from pure botanical extracts.

Smooth and blemish free complexion – That’s Ivory & Velvet.

You can see improvement in your facial acne in just.

Nigeria, acne, cream

Smooth flawless skin – that’s Ivory & Velvet


15 thoughts on “Ivory & Velvet Anti-Acne cream 

  1. Hey ! Mary Jane , I’m still on the cream. I can see slide changes already for 2 days now. I hope the changes will keep progressing.


  2. Hello MJ, please I will like to get your acne cream. How can I go about it? my face really messed up.


  3. Hi MJ, this acne cream is working perfectly on my skin. pls I need 2 more bottles. I tried your line but was not connecting. pls reply.

  4. Hello MJ,

    I need your acne cream with the Maca pills. Email me your acct number .I want to make payment

  5. Hello Mary Jane,

    I’ve a serious acne problem. I heard about ivory&velvet acne cream. How can I get it? I live in Onisha

  6. Hi MJ, I bought two of the Ivory &Velvet acne cream . I must say its really working. All the spot on my face have all gone. So happy….. Thank you so much. I’m going to recommend this product to my friends.

    Lora Rotimi

  7. Mary Jane, I will like to buy Ivory and velvet cream for a resale . Im a student from PH.
    Your product work for one of my friend and they need to buy more.
    Pls I need a favourable discount . I will like to place an order tomorrow.

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