The ultimate to grow taller pill is here in Nigeria. You don’t have to complain any more over your height because you can now change it without waiting for too long.
Longlook is a capsules made to enhance height and enable you grow taller in the shortest of time. It is use for both male and female. Very effective and safe. It’s Made with herbs. Suitable from age 5-26. It’s advicable for people within the age of 27-35 to use it with Glucosamine tablet.

Grab a pack today and join the testimony line.


Dear Mary Jane,

I want to use this medium to thank you for introducing Longlook pill to me at a point of need which has help my 10year old son to grow taller. I was amazed just after 6weeks of using the capsules my son added 2 iches to his height which I thought was never going to be possible.

You have made me a proud mother. I use to feel ashamed whenever I take my son out, when i see other children below his age looking taller than my son, now my son has grown taller, looking more of his age. He feels more comfident now associating with his mate. He’s now comfident among his pears.

Thank you so much MJ. I’m grateful.

Mrs. Nwanze

Long look height increase and grow taller Pills – GMP Certified.



  1. MJ, I bought Longlook pill from you last month I just can’t believe I can grow my height again.
    Thank you for giving me hope.

  2. I love this pill, i was amaze the last one I bought I saw difference in my height. I need to get another pack right away. I don’t want to miss a single month without it. My height must increase to 6 ich o.
    MJ pls text me your bank details again.

    Thank you.
    Joy Debo

    • please Joy
      ho much did yo get it
      and can it be delivered to me at my own convenient location
      I’d be delighted I you’d reply

  3. Hello MJ,
    I ordered LongLook capsule 3packs from you 2 months ago. I must say I’m really impressed on my son height. I see that he has added 2chs when I measure his height this morning it was so shocking that this product can actually work.
    Thanks alot.
    Gbenga Ola

  4. MJ this LongLook pill is working on my child o. I just can’t believe my eyes. Pls I will like to order 2 more packs as I will be traveling soon and since you are always out of stock . I don’t want to run out of It.
    Pls resend your bank details.
    Rita James

  5. Hi, am an 18 years old girl 5’3.5 feet tall. How many packs do I need to add 4 inches more. I stay at ikorodu Lagos. How can I place my orders pls? I will appreciate your reply as soon as possible.

  6. Hi Mary Jane,
    My name is Jerome I’m from Delta. I need this suppliment. I’m 5fit tall and I want to get to 6fit. I hope I can count on you. Pls how to I pay for it. The last Time I check it was out of stock. Kindly acknowledge my email and txt send me your bank details for payment .

  7. I get 3 packs for me and my friend . I hope it will be enough and I hope there’s no side effect? Pls let me know how to place my order. Your lines are not going.

  8. Mary Jane , this is Joy .I want to let you know that the LongLook has make me add 1ich so far when I check my height this morning it was so unreliable .
    Thank you so much.
    I will be reordering soon

  9. Mary Jane I’m writing to say thank you. I’ve seen real improvement on my height since I started using LongLonk capsule

  10. Mary Jane is LongLook capsule still available? I am running out of mine. I want to place another order. Your line wasn’t going. Pls reply asap.

  11. Hi MJ, LongLook capsule still available? I am running out of mine. I want to place another order. Your line wasn’t going. Pls reply asap.

  12. please mj am 23years old am a boy and my height is just 5ft I hate to go out or move with my tall friends because they are way too taller than me please I need this pill if its going to work for me since am way pass puberty please I need an answer and the price thanks

  13. I bought this pill last month for my 15 year old son. He’s already growing one ich that’s what i observed this morning. I’m glad it’s working. Looking forward to my nxt order.

  14. Mary Jane I’ve been waiting patiently for this LongLook it still hasn’t arrived?
    Pls when it arrive kindly reserve 3 Parks for me. I stay in Abuja

  15. I like this drug , apart from adding height it has also make me gain a little of weight normally, I mean I eat fine better than before .
    I look forward to getting another pack.

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